Start Guide for Creator

This guide will explain to creators how Fantasfic can do and how to use it, and techniques to receive more support.

What creators can do with Fantasfic

What is Circle?

Creators can create a "circle" which is a place to act as a creator, such as a work presentation. In Circle, you can create a circle page to tell fans about the charm of a circle, post works, open fan clubs and so on.

I can work on a team

Circles can be managed by multiple creators. You can invite members to circle and set posts and circles by multiple people. You can also distribute sales generated to circles at a specified ratio.

Circle creation

To post a work in Fantasfic, you must first belong to a circle. You can create multiple circles, or join multiple circles created by other users. First of all, let's create a circle to post your work.

Circle creation procedure

1\. Create a circle

After logging in to Fantasfic, click the circle icon at the top right of the screen to display the account menu.
Account menu
After that, display the circle creation form from "New circle opening" in the "Circle" page of the account menu.
Create a new circle
Enter the circle name and category, and click the "Open" button.
Circle creation

2\. Circle settings

When you create a circle, the circle page edit screen will be displayed. Let's enter the circle cover image, eye catch image, introduction sentence.
Circle editing
When input is completed, click "Save". Please note that it will not be published only by saving.
About the recommended size of each image
  • Circle cover image sideways 1600 px height 500 px
  • Eye catch image Horizontal 1000px height 600px

3\. Confirm Circle Page

When saving is completed, click on the "Display" link next to the screen title and check the contents of the page.

4\. Public circle page

Let's publish the page by clicking "Publish page" when you can create the page properly. Now anyone can see your circle page.

Tips for setting

Let's tell the charm of the circle and set eye-catching cover image and eye catch image. Setting an attractive image setting is an effective promotion to get new interest from users who are not fans of the circle yet.
Write down on the introductory sentence the purpose of the circle, the management policy, and the attractiveness of the circle.

Create a post

Circle creation is complete. Next let's start creating the posting page.

Steps to create a post

Since the circle icon has been added to the left of the round icon on the top right of the screen, open the circle menu from here.
Circle menu
From the menu post, click New Post. (If you are registering to multiple circles, please select circle to post from the select menu at the top of the menu)
New Post
Set the eye catch image of the post, the title, and the posted text. In addition, it is possible to set options such as setting tags and plans, setting fanfic, setting display on eye catch images on and off.

Tips for setting

On eye-catch image on / off

Depending on the type of post, the one that is better is better, the more effective case is different, so use display and hide settings well.
With or without eye catch

About fanfic setting

If the work to be posted is a secondary creation of a work with a fanfic plan in the platform, it is possible to set fanfic. By searching by circle name, you can search and register fanfic plan. By setting Fanfik, you can display your work on fanfic tab of original page of circle page. Let's expand fan circle so that we can connect with many creators and meet as many fans as possible!

Fanfik (secondary creation) function

Fantasfic has a fanfic function to support secondary creation. Creators who post original works can encourage secondary creation by ファンフィクプラン . ファンフィクプラン is the one that sets the sales return ratio to the original author and the rule to do secondary creation.

Setting of fanfik plan

You can set it from "fanfic plan" in the circle menu.

Posts by Gwangfik

Only posting and items, fanfic setting is possible. The sales return rate is applied to the contribution to the post and the sales of the item.
In addition, the return rate is applied when the fanfic setting to posting is applied, and even if the original circle side changes the return rate after setting, the return rate will not change.

Tips for setting fan club plan

Let's consider opening a fan club after setting the circle. Fan club is a function that allows a circle to easily create a subscription service with a monthly subscription. We can achieve stable profit every month.
You can set plans from the "Fake Lab Membership Plan" on the Circle menu. Here, we will show you effective ways to get more support.

Multiple plans with gradual pricing

How much support you can make depends on each person. Let's set the maximum benefit that the circle can prepare in the top plan, prepare multiple sub-plans and make a breadth in the plan.

Prepare expensive plan as top plan

There are a lot of enthusiastic fans who are not aware of themselves in some fans. Let's also prepare expensive plans with premium rewards with confidence.
Just because it is an expensive plan, you do not need to prepare benefits that require a lot of time and effort. Imagine you have enthusiastic fans and think about how the person will be delighted.

Utilization of limited number of plans

You can limit the number of people who can subscribe for each plan. By making it a limited number of plans it is possible to create privileges etc that you need to spend time on a per capita basis with confidence. Also, limiting the number of people creates a sense of premium, so it is also effective for setting expensive plans.

Value setting with a sense of value

When buying things in stores from everyday, I think that it is often that the fraction of the price is 9 or 8. This has the effect of directing profit and it is one technique that can be used when setting the price of the plan. For example, if you are considering 500 yen for the price of the plan, let's set it to a price like 499 yen or 498 yen.

Other techniques

Post at the beginning of the month

With this service, you can view posts from the first day of the month for plan subscription month. For this reason, if there is posted content at the beginning of the month, there will always be content that can be seen immediately. This makes it easier for fans interested in support to attract interest.