About fan club

Fan club in Fantasfic is a subscription service for subscription fee-based contents of a monthly fee established by a circle. You will be able to browse postings limited to fan club posted to the circle according to subscription plan.

About content that you can browse when you join a fan club

You can browse the subscribed plan and the contents from the first day of entry month posted on the sub plan. For example, even if you subscribe on April 15, you can view the contribution content of the plan posted on or after April 1st.
Although you can not view past postings from the fan club entry month, you may be able to purchase the posting authority for the post as a back number. Whether or not there is a back number depends on the setting of the circle that opened the fan club.

About withdrawing fan club membership fee

Fan club membership fee sales will be confirmed on the 1st of every month. However, in a month when there is no fan club limited posting, no debits will be made.

I want to cancel my fan club

You can unsubscribe from "Fan Club" in the account menu. Please note the following points when you unsubscribe.
  • As soon as you withdraw from membership, you can not view the contents of the target plan
  • Calculation of daily installments will not be made. Even if you withdraw in the middle of the month you will be charged a monthly fee

About back numbers

The back number is a function to sell posts to past fan clubs collectively. In the standard setting, the back number is automatically created every month by the automatic back number function. If back numbers are unnecessary, please disable the automatic back number function.
The automatic back number function sells posts collectively on a monthly basis, but you can also sell your posts collectively at your own discretion.