Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About service

What is Fantasfic?

It is an all genre creation posting platform created under the philosophy "I want to realize a world where as many creators can freely concentrate on creation". Fantasfic realizes the platform that supports creator's free creation by preparing the following environment.
  • Creators can receive evaluation from creative from many fans
  • Create an environment that can focus on creative activities
  • Create a place where friendly friends can gather together

What is Fantasfic's reading and meaning?

How to read "Fantasfick"
Meaning: Fantasfic = Fan + Fantastic + Fan fiction
Fan: supporters and enthusiasts for specific persons and events
Fantastic: The more realistic it is the wonderful moving touch
Fan Fiction: Secondary creation work

Can I use Fantasfic for free?

Yes, many features are available for free. Creators can create circles for free, post works, sell digital goods, fan clubs and more. Users other than creators can freely browse works posted with free settings.
In addition, there are works that require purchasing or subscription to fan clubs for viewing.

What kind of terminal can Fantasfic see?

You can watch Fantasfic from a PC or smartphone using a web browser. There is no smartphone application available at the moment.

Member registration / personal information

About handling of personal information

For the handling of personal information, please refer to the privacy policy .

About handling credit card information

Credit card registration may be required when using paid service. In Fantasfic, processing related to credit card transactions has been delegated to the payment agent system, and the entire number of the credit card and the security code are not stored on the server. For the purpose of enabling the user to check the credit card number currently in use, only the last 6 digits and the last two digits are kept on the server.

About password rules

In Fantasfic the password rules are as follows.
  • Number of characters from 8 to 40 digits
  • Alphanumeric symbols can be used
  • Can not use multi-byte characters (Hiragana · kanji etc.)

We do not receive confirmation e-mail of member registration

We use "@" domain for the e-mail address of confirmation e-mail sending.
If you do not receive the e-mail after a while, please confirm that you have not declined it as spam mail or reject it with the setting of the receiving e-mail address, please register again.

Can I use Fantasfic even under the age of 18?

Because Fantasfic does not allow posting of age restricted works, it is available even under 18 years old.

How do you register Fantasfic membership?

You can register from the "New registration" button in the header of the top page.

Is it no problem replacing PC or smartphone?

If you have email address and password information you can continue using it even if you replace it.

The profile of Fantasfic does not change.

Profile related information will not be changed simply by entering the item. After entering the information of the item you want to change, click or touch the "Update" button.

Circle and profile images can not be registered.

Fantasfic has the following conditions in the image to register for accounts and circles. If you can not register images, please check whether the conditions are met or not and the file is not damaged.
  • JPEG, GIF, PNG file extension can be used (Animated GIF is not available)
  • File size is within 5MB per sheet

I do not know how to use the translation function

Fantasfic has a function to automatically convert display language to your preferred language.
Please set your preferred language from the following setting part.
In "Account information" in the account menu
  • UI language: Change display statements of menu items
  • Display language: Change display statement in the work

How nice! What is?

By saying "Like" to the posted work, I tell the author that I liked the work. Also, the number of "Like!" Will be the evaluation of the work, affecting the ranking system etc. within the service.
By pressing the ♡ mark on the work page, it is good! You can evaluate.

What is the notification function?

It is a function that will notify you when new posts and comments are in circles that are following or becoming fan clubs.

I want to change the notification function setting

You can display the notification setting screen from "Settings" link on "Notification" page of account management. You can set necessary notifications and notification methods on this screen.

What is follow up?

It is a function to register a circle as a favorite. Following you will be notified of new work posts and new comments.

I want to check the user who is following me

To see who is following your circle, select the "Fan club members / followers" menu in circle management.

How do you use the message function?

The message function is a function that you can send private messages to circle fan club members. There are two ways to send a message to the whole fan club member and two ways to send a message individually for each member. Also, you can send messages in both directions when sending messages individually. You can also attach a file.

I want to check the circle that I participate in

You can check from the circle menu of account management

About the settlement function

What kind of payment methods do you have?

As of October 2018 credit settlement (VISA, Master) is available. In addition, EXC (Excalibur Coin) of virtual currency may be available for purchasing digital goods and back numbers. The seller must allow sales by EXC for settlement by EXC.

About cancellation of various payment

Within Fantasfic you can not cancel after payment has occurred.
Since there is a cart function in product purchase, please cancel purchase as necessary at the stage of putting in the cart and delete the item from the cart.
Cancellation of the fan club can be canceled from the fan club screen of the account management screen.

Circle function

About categories

Since Fantasfic will become a platform for posting works of all genres, various categories are available. You can choose up to three categories that apply to your circles.
Select "Circle page" in the circle management menu and set it from the sidebar category.

Can I edit / delete the work I posted once?

Basically, you can edit / delete freely the work you posted, but you can not delete digital goods etc. where purchase has already occurred.

Please tell me about the sales commission

When sales of fan club, digital goods, back number occurred, we received a 10% amount as system fee from the amount set in circle. However, this fee rate can be reduced to a maximum of 5% by utilizing the invitation campaign.

How long does it take to transfer sales?

In Fantasfic, payment processing is performed according to the following rules.
  • We will pay by the end of the month if we apply for remittance by 15th of the current month
  • If you apply for money remittance after the 16th of this month we will pay by the end of the following month

Where can I check that goods have been sold?

You can check from the circle's sales menu.

How can I receive sales?

You can request remittance of sales from "Account menu" - "Sales" - "Remittance application".
Since Japanese yen sales within Fantasfic will be handed in by bank transfer, registration of a bank account is required to receive it. Please set up a transfer account before applying for remittance.
Please input the bank code etc. referring to the following site.
Postal savings bank code\_sk\_fm\_kz\_1.html
Bank code
After you set up the transfer account, you can apply money remittance from the "remittance application" button.

Can I use overseas accounts for receiving sales?

We are sorry, but you can not use overseas account.

I want to delete inappropriate posts and comments

Comments on posts can be deleted by members who have authority over author of the comment and more than the manager of the circle.

I found an inappropriate circle and I want you to deal with it

Please contact Fantasfic Contact.

I want to add members to a circle

Invite an account to be invited from the owner or administrator of the circle. For the invitation you will need the email address information of the account you want to participate in.

I want to withdraw from my circle

Ask your circle owner or administrator to leave your account.

I want to remove inappropriate members from circle

Have the owner or manager of the circle leave the target account.

What can a circle administrator do?

Circle administrator has the following authority separately from the members' authority.
  • Invitation / withdrawal of members
  • Granting member circle authority
  • Circle sales management

How do I create a circle?

Circle can be created by anyone who has an account. Please press "New establishment" button from "Circle" in the account management menu. To create a circle, SMS authentication of the account is required.

How do I join a circle?

If you want to join a circle, let the circle owner or administrator invite you to a circle

I want to know which files I can upload when posting by Fantasfic

The file size can be attached up to 500 MB per post. Files of some extensions can not be uploaded for security reasons.

I want to use lyrics for posting novels and music

Please do not violate copyright or design right, please post with permission from the right holder.

What is a tag when posting a work?

A tag indicates a keyword of a work. Setting tags makes it possible to list the works with the same tags, making it easier for participants in the same event, works with the same character, the same category to browse.

Can I post works of R-18?

Fantasfic does not allow posting of R-18 works

I want to delete the works and products posted on Fantasfic

In Fantasfic there are three types of contributions and the deletion procedure is different.


You can delete it from the post list by using the delete button. However, posts included in the back number can not be deleted. Please remove posts from the back number in advance.


Delete the target product However, you can not delete items that already have purchased users. If you want to stop selling products, please make products private.

Fan Club Monthly Plan

You can delete from the monthly plan list. However, you can not delete a monthly plan that already has a member.

Can I post works posted on other websites?

As for the work to be posted, it is limited to those that you have copyright or you are licensed for publication from the author of the work. Please refrain from acts such as reprinting works without author's permission.
Also, when creating a secondary creation, the primary creator permits, please set the circle making the primary creation as the primary creator.

Can I post photos (live actions)?

It is possible to post photos. Please also submit permission to the right holder of copyright and portrait right about the photograph.

I would like to distribute circle sales by members

If you wish to distribute circle sales or bets on members, you will set the distribution ratio at the circulation management menu sales distribution settings. By default, 100% distribution will be made to the circle owner, so if you add members, please make distribution settings as needed. If you change the distribution settings, a notification will be sent to the circle member to inform you that there was a change.

About violation etc.

Responding to annoying acts / violating works

If you discover a nuisance or a work contrary to the Terms of Use, please contact Fantasfic Contact Desk. We will review the report content and respond. Please note that we are not able to respond to the results of our investigation and response.
For inquiries: [email protected] Subject: About ○○○ Text: List the contents of the inquiry

I found illustrations in violation of Fantasfic terms of use, guidelines, etc.

If you find a prohibited posting stated in the Terms of Use, Guidelines, please contact Fantasfic Contact Desk. We will review the report content and respond. Please note that we are not able to respond to the results of our investigation and response.
For inquiries: [email protected] Subject: About ○○○
Body: Describe the content of the inquiry

My copyrighted work has been reprinted without permission

If your own copyrighted material is used without permission, please contact Fantasfic inquiries desk. We will review the report content and respond.
Also, please provide information on the titles of works considered to be infringing on their own copyrights, complete URLs, and in what way the copyright is infringed. (Example: Illustration · Unauthorized reproduction of images without permission, the whole work is a copy of my original work etc).
For inquiries: [email protected] Subject: About ○○○ Text: List the contents of the inquiry

My copyrighted work has been reprinted on external website without permission

If you are reprinted without permission on another company's external site, please declare it to the external site by the author himself / herself.

Personal information was asked in the message

Fantasfic does not recommend exchanging personal information with strangers. Regarding the handling of personal information, please judge at your own risk.

About EXC and Tax

What is the difference between Japanese yen and EXC?

Japanese yen is used for payment of monthly plan and purchase of goods. EXC is used for purchase, purchase of goods (※). (\*) Only when circle side sells at EXC

How do I get an EXC?

To obtain EXC within Fantasfic, there is a way to get a change or obtain products by EXC and get it. Since EXC becomes virtual currency, you can purchase it at the exchanges of virtual currencies handling EXC. Exchange exchanging EXC please visit this HP website.

What is a debit?

Those who thought that things are good for the work is a function of giving money as if they were like chips. Let's give thanks to the feelings of praise to the work and gratitude to the author. Since the expenses do not incur a commission, feelings are transmitted 100% properly.

I can not cancel

To do things you have to have EXC in your account within Fantasfic. If you do not have EXC, let's move EXC into Fantasfic by purchasing EXC etc.

About Secondary Creation

What if I want to allow secondary creation of my work?

On the upper part of the rich text editor in the circle menu there is a setting part of "Secondary creation permission". From here we describe permission / non-permission settings, toll rate, secondary creation rule etc.

How is sales distributed for secondary creative sales?

We will automatically distribute a portion of sales proceeds to the circle of the specified fanfic plan (the secondary creation rule negotiated by the original circle).
販売価格 ¥1000原作サークルへの還元率 30%販売手数料 10%の場合①販売手数料 = ¥100(¥1000 * 10%) ②全体売上 = ¥900(¥1000(販売金額) - ¥100 ① ) ③1次創作サークルへの還元 = ¥300(¥900 ② * 30%) ④2次創作サークルの売上 = ¥600(¥900 ② - ¥300 ③)

About fan club function

Details about the fan club function are described in detail here .

If the problem can not be solved

If you can not solve the problem by viewing the FAQ, please contact us at the following e-mail address. We will contact you by email confirming the contents.
For inquiries: [email protected]
Subject: About ○○○ Text: List the contents of the inquiry